2014 Theme Song

Sometime last year, the PRAISE band at church sang this song.

I instantly LOVED it & had to find more from this group. [Rend Collective Experiment]

After listening to this version of the song I had an ahhhHa moment.
I NEEDED a heme song for 2014! It is an old hymn made a little modern. I want the focus of this year to be on Him! I listen to it everyday & each day a different phrase speaks to me. My prayer today is that this song or any song speaks to your heart to show you He is always with you. “Waking or sleeping, Your presence my light”

“Heart of my own heart, whatever be fall”
“Still be my vision, O ruler of all”


When I get bigger…

Today while eating a PB& J for lunch (her favorite) with red chips (Doritos)  of course (her other favorite) Annabelle looked up & saw my bridal portrait. She started asking questions about getting married & if dado(her latest name for Tommy) & I danced, & if dado was my prince & a few more questions. After we talked a little I asked her who she was going to marry. I explained to her that you have to love that person very very much & they have to love you the same or more. Her answer: “when I get bigger & taller enough to get married I will marry dad. Because I love him more!” I hope she stays this sweet & always is a daddy’s girl. She also asked when P was going to bigger enough to be someone’s prince. We hope one day P finds his princess  & that they live happily ever after.

Fun on the Farm

Sunday we got to spend a few hours with P-Pa on the farm & it was a treat! Tommy has gone out there a few times with out us to hunt or help P-pa with the fence, but it’s been way too long since Annabelle & I have gone to visit.

IMG_3916we meet the new neighbors horses & took a few selfies with “wilbur” (Annabelle likes to name everything). Wilbur was super friendly & like to share kisses with us, we shared some of our sugar with him too. I love to hear this little girl laugh & she laughed so hard at horsey kisses. Next time we go back we are going to take “wilbur” & “bella” apples & carrots. P-Pa is also talking about getting horses of his own.

IMG_3923The chickens are our absolute favorite thing about going to P-Pa’s farm. Annabelle could stay in the coop & talk to them for hours if you would let her. She likes the cheepies (the baby chicks) the best but today all the cheepies had grown up. I know this is very silly but I am in love with these new chickens! I think they are Silver Laced chickens-if a chicken could be beautiful these are it!

IMG_3929 IMG_3941We supervised Tommy & P-Pa putting a chimney on a wood burning stove & held the ladder & played with the dogs & a new kitty. Kitty Tom is his name.


My sweet girl loves cats, but mommy & daddy not so much. Gigi bought her a “fur real” one for Christmas. So she could have 2 pets.

IMG_3946You can’t leave the farm with out a ride on the mule. So we all went to explore the newest place P-Pa had clear out. I hope we can go back out to the farm soon. It is always a lot of fun & P-Pa always has lots of junk food that Annabelle loves (see the black oreo teeth?)

Catch up! Oct. 2012- May 2013





Warning: you will see lots of Disney pictures we had season passes for Nov ’12-Nov’13 or as Annabelle calls it Dizanooda!

She has lots of funny words still. She knows that it is Disney World & can say Disney World but will correct you that it is Dizanooda.

PicMonkey Collagefeb13

PicMonkey Collagemar13

PicMonkey Collageapr13

We took a family vacation in April a Carnival cruise! The Carnival Liberty. We cruise from Miami to Half Moon Cay, The Grand Turk & Nassau. We all had a fun time & Annabelle keeps asking when we can go back. Here are a few pictures from our vacation.

PicMonkey Collagecruise13

PicMonkey Collagemay13

My sweet Belle turned 3 in May. My how time flies!

PicMonkey Collage3bdaySo here is half our year in pictures. Hope to give you the other half tomorrow. Note to self: Do not let the blog get this behind—EVER! Looking thru all our pictures from last year there are so many things I wish I would have taken time to blog!

{untitled} New Year?!

Yes, I realize that I have been MIA for a really, really loooooong time. Over the past year I have written several post in my head, they just never made it to the computer (a few even made it in my drafts-but never got published). I am writing this one assuming that there is still someone out there that will read & be happy that I am blogging again. Or maybe just for myself to get my feelings out there-to take some of the blah away.

It’s a NEW year! And most of the time for me a new year means a NEW beginning, I feel refreshed & when Christmas is over I can not wait for the new year to begin. This year, not so much! I don’t feel refreshed. I am not excited about what this year is going to bring. (hopefully this is a short lived phase) I really want to be in that blissful state of the unknown, planning for what’s to come, excited about the NEW year & NEW adventures! Can you help me get there? How are you feeling about the NEW year?

This Christmas Season my life seemed foggy-like I was in a constant HAZE! We had a few really GREAT memories 🙂 But for the most part it was rush-rush-rush, be here, be there, always something to do. The Christmas Spirit was lost! 😦 These feelings have finally caught up with me-I feel extremely BLUE & robbed. I would like a DO-OVER! Is that even possible?! Do I have to wait until next year? I would love to go back in time to the end of November, actually Thanksgiving Day to be exact-to see if my Christmas season could be different. I want to relive Christmas!

On a lighter note: Here are my favorite moments from Thanksgiving – today:

Thanksgiving Day: We ate 2 meals, we traveled to the lake & had lunch with Tommy’s family. The kids all went on a 2 mile nature hunt with Tommy. I really wish I would have gone with them, they all had so much FUN!


{Annabelle, Peyton & Eli}

Then we had dinner with my family in Augusta & then we drove home.


{Camilla & Annabelle}

Elroy came back & this year each day he brought a bible verse with him.


We saw the movie Frozen 2 times & can not get enough-we watch the clips daily on youtube. “Do you want to build a snowman?” is my favorite!


We had Breakfast with Santa at our church. I am the event coordinator & guess who was Santa?! Annabelle’s very own HoHo (my dad). I am so glad he was able to come down & be our Santa. It meant a lot to me.


To see more on Breakfast with Santa, click here. She has more pictures than me. Here is one of the moms having fun too!


I just love Amanda’s deer in the head lights look! She played the part great!

My grandparents came for a weekend visit & to watch Annabelle 1 evening so that Tommy & I could go with our BIG KIDs to the Journey. We had a great time at the Journey & an even better one with my Grandparents! I love them so & hope that when I am 79 & 80 that I am still able to be on the go like they are. They are super special people-everyone you would ask will say so!


In the new year, I think we should use our tripod a little more. We have hardly any pictures of the 3 of us.

Annabelle & GiGi had fun one afternoon ringing the bell outside of Sam’s for a few minutes.



We also had a cookie decorating party/Christmas party with the “Nursery Club” (I will elaborate what the nursery club is at a later date) here I am typing like yall all know what is going on with us. Some of you do some of you dont. Check out the fun we had here.

Check out Annabelle’s funny Irish jig while caroling. It cracks me up everytime!

Just looking thru & sharing my favorite Christmas memories made my day a little brighter! Maybe a picture dump of our last year will be in the works. We are extremely blessed but sometimes sharing your not so great-BLUE moments helps. Praying that you have a blessed & happy NEW year!