is this normal?!

this summer i have very few clothes that fit & it is very aggravating. at the end of june i bought a dress a few sizes to small because i wanted to be able to wear it by the time that we went on our cruise in the middle of august…well our trip is approaching fast, 20 days to be exact, & i still can not fit into this dress. i can get it on & zip it up most of the way but still have a few inches to go.

i keep it hanging where i can see it all the time for inspiration. it is very discouraging because i have been working so very HARD since june 9th to lose weight. (i have gotten results, just not the instant ones that i would like) i have lost all of the weight that i gained while being pregnant, but still am not the same size i was last summer.

 i am NOT finished loosing weight! ( i tell myself everyday…hope it helps)

 i gained alot trying to get pregnant(fertility drugs sure do pack on the pounds esp. when you have tried many different ones for several years) i do not regret 1 single pound, annabelle was worth it all even if i have to stay this same size the rest of my life.

i am just wishing that by next summer i can be the size i was when tommy & i meet in 2001, but smaller would be nice too! i just want to be an average size person that doesn’t have a hard time finding clothes.

i am wondering should i return the dress for fear of failure, or keep it just to see if in these last 20 days before our trip a miracle will happen & i will fit into this dress?!


what made me think of this?!

have you ever woke up with a song stuck in your head & wondered how it got there?! i usually get something stuck in my head that i have heard on the radio or even a tv commercial, but this morning i woke up with a song stuck in my head that my ninnie(my dad’s mom) use to sing to me…oh we ain’t got a barrell of money, maybe were ragged & funny, but we’ll travel along singing our song side by side.

night out

cheri called me a few months ago about her throwing steven a suprise 30th birthday party for steven. she wanted to bring some of steven’s closest friends to savannah in a limo to eat on river street & then go to savannah smiles.

my mom, grandma, & baby brother came here to babysit annabelle. it was the first time we left her with someone other than for an hour or two just to run to the store. i intentionally turned off my cell phone & left it in the car, so i would not be able to call & check on her every few minutes. tommy still had his phone & i knew my mom would call if they needed anything, & also knew that she was in good hands.

we enjoyed our night out & adult conversation.

1st shots

i was dreading taking annabelle to the doctor for her first shots, not knowing how she would react. she had a great check up & the shots did not even bother her much, just a few wimpers. i am glad that my mom was able to go with me for moral support…just in case i cried because someone was hurting my sweet baby girl.

weight:10 lbs 9 oz (25th percentile)

lenght: 23 3/4 inches (90th percentile)

happy birthday grandpa ho ho!

today is my dad’s birthday & if you know my dad, he kinda looks like santa claus. since annabelle can not pick what she wants to call him yet, we call him grandpa ho ho. today is his birthday & annabelle wants to send him birthday wishes….so happy birthday grandpa ho ho we love you!

4th of july weekend

it has been a very long time since we have spent the 4th of july at the lake. this year we spent the 4th at the lake with our neighbors & had a great time. annabelle went on her very first boat ride & slept the whole time. there were a lot of water activities that took place & cards games played until the wee hours of the morning. david & jessica both learned how to kneeboard & i think they are hooked!

 i learned that the word BEAST means sexy & what swag was & that i may not have a lot but i do have a little (thanks to the greatest teenagers i know) we might have even suprised david with the music on our ipods.  we look foward to spending more weekends with our neighbors at the lake.

my camera died so i did not get any pictures of annabelle’s first 4th of july bbq at the boat ramp. but erin took a picture of peyton, eli & annabelle (these are pictures from her camera) thanks erin!

peyton, eli & annabelle on the 4th of july


eli & annabelle napping under the umbrella on pepaw's beach