a mind of its own

our camera has been on the fritz since we arrived in mexico. it works only when it wants too.  i love my camera, even though it is getting a little old (3 years) i think, how long are good digital camera’s suppose to last?! i am not sure if we need to be on the market for a new one or just see if it is ready to play nice again? the part that stinks about the whole situation is that i just bought a brand new 8gb memory card in august, & if we get a new camera in order for the memory card to work in it, the new one would have to be a sony.

decisions, decisions.


3 month pictures

annabelle was suppose to have 3 month pictures taken a few weeks ago, but due  miss communication with the photographer we asked to do them, we were unable to have them done.

while tommy & i were on vacation, my mom took some for us & they turned out great! (i forget sometimes that she is a professional baby photographer)

these are a few of my favorites


tommy & i went on a much needed vacation, & had a great time! we went with 3 other couples. (steven & cheri, joe & neely, & brian & jennifer) we have been on vacation with steven, cheri & joe before….but the other 3 we have never been anywhere with. i was alittle nervous about going on vacation with people that we have not know for long….you never know how people get a long after being together for more than a day or two.

 we left rincon on friday evening about 8pm with joe & neely & arrived in miami before 2 am. it was a fun ride down & did not seem like it took too terribly long….i think it was we had good company. i just meet neely a few months ago & feel like i have know her forever….she fits in our group perfectly! ( i am not one to meddle in peoples business….but joe if you happen to read this, neely is great….don’t let her get away!) steven, cheri, brian & jennifer all flew to miami, we meet them on the boat around lunch time. our boat, the carnival liberty (was a newer boat, & super nice) i wish i would have taken more pictures of it….lost my train of thought for a minute….our boat, the carnival liberty took us to cozumel, mexico; the grand caymens & ocho rios, jamaica. in mexico my camera stopped working….i am waiting on everyone to send me their pictures from our trip & then i will update & add on to this post

all in all we really enjoyed our vacation, even though i cried everyday because i missed annabelle, & it did not help that verizon assured me my phone would work & i could call whenever i wanted, the phone did not work.

will finish this blog & update pictures later

baby steps or a giant leap

we should have taken baby steps, but instead we are taking a big leap! tommy & i are going on a week long cruise & leaving annabelle with her grandparents. (they will both get time with her while we are gone) i am really nervous about leaving her, i don’t know why, they raised us & we both turned out fine! but there is just something about leaving her that makes me feel uneasy. nana & pepaw(tommy parents) came to pick her up & will have her first. i know she will have a good time & come back from augusta spoiled. but in a way i hope she  misses us. i already miss her & she is not even gone yet!

family picture before annabelle left for augusta

another year older…

i am another year older today. i am not yet the big 30….that is another year from now, but i feel older than that. i wonder why is that?

 tonight tommy, annabelle & i went out to eat with one of tommy’s customers & his wife & in 2 weeks they will have a little girl. the couple we went out with tonight is our age & do not live to far from us. i am hoping that when their baby gets a little bigger, annabelle will have a friend to play with, even though she will be raised a gator fan….HAHA!!!

all in all i had a good birthday, the crab cakes at sam sneads are awesome!

my birthday gift….a massage on our cruise, i am so looking foward to that!

a new adventure

after many months of thinking & praying about it, i have decided to start a new adventure….i am now a willow house design consultant! (formerly southern living at home) i am super excited & can not wait to start hosting parties. i was looking for a way to have a very felxible part time job, that allows me to stay home with annabelle….& i think this is the answer, plus it is going to be alot of FUN! i love the fall catalog & am very excited to get everyone’s feed back. i don not have a website up & running yet but if you would like to see the fall catalog online check it out at www.katierandall.willowhouse.com if you find something you would like or you would like to host a party please let me know.