Random December Pictures

I am unsure if it is the new camera or the season, but I have taken a whole lot more pictures than normal. I decided to put together a slide show because there are so many.

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Looking Foward

The Randall Household is already looking forward to the new year (2011)! As I am sitting here typing I am thinking about resolutions, & that there are not too many in the past that I have kept over the years. This year I hope to keep myself accountable to my resolutions especially if I post a few here in my blog.

Yesterday we took down all the Christmas decorations (we have so much that when we put it back up our house feels empty with out it).  We have also started rearranging  a few rooms in our house. We are in the cleaning out & organizing mode. It feels so good for everything to have its own place. Annabelle moved into a bigger room today, a pink one with a bigger closet & lots more space. It is actually 3 ft wider & 2 ft longer & it makes a huge difference especially with all the new toys that everyone gave her for Christmas. Her Christmas Tree is the only Christmas item that did not get put away in the attic. Its is so cute & looks like it belongs in her room. I am trying to figure out how to leave it up all year-long. It is a silver tree with hot pink, lime green, electric blue & purple snow flakes. ( I can leave snow flakes out all winter right?!)  We can hang hearts on it for the month of February, Shamrocks for March, & Crosses & Eggs for April, but after that I don’t have very many ideas left.  Just kidding. Cupcakes for May (her birthday month) starfish, sand dollars & shells for the summer months. Ok, so now after August I really have no more ideas until Thanksgiving week when we decorate for Christmas. (I think if Tommy knew I was thinking about leaving her tree up all year & changing it every month he would just shake his head & laugh)

Ok, back to the resolutions:

1. To find a Church that we all feel like we belong. ( Moving around & living in small cliques towns has made it hard for us to find a Church family that we feel like we are a part of). I am praying for us to have an open mind & not give up on our search & know that God will help us find the Church Family that we need & that needs us.

2. To lose 20 plus pounds. (this is probably one of the most common New Years Resolutions, but I am more motivated than I have been in the past & have already begun my weight loss journey a few weeks ago & am doing P90X with Tommy. He had great results with it the first time & I am hoping to have results like his too)

3. To be better organized.

4. To stick to our budget better & to save more money.

5. To keep a cleaner house.

I am sure I will think of more as the New Year is fast approaching.

I hope that everyone has a Happy & Healthy New Year & I will post pictures of Annabelle’s new room soon.

Merry Christmas

It was so nice to wake up this cold Christmas morning in our bed to the squeals of our precious angel. We posted the video camera on the tripod & went to get Annabelle up. Her face was so cute looking at all the things that Santa left for her.

Wow, Annabelle must have been a very good girl this year!

Gifts from Mommy & Daddy.

After we opened all our gifts, we got dressed and loaded up our wagon & walked 2 houses down to have breakfast with our neighbors.  Then we came back home & loaded the sleigh once more & headed to Augusta to spend Christmas with my family. We got some really cute pictures of Annabelle & Grandpa Ho Ho. The flash is a little off on this one but it is my favorite.

After having lunch & opening gifts with my immediate family & my Ninnie, it was time to head to MawMaw & PawPaw Smith’s house for finger foods.

All of the Smith cousins placed according to age. (29 to 12 I think)  I come from a pretty big family. Three of us are married, with 4 great grands, & one of my cousins is engaged. The Smith Family keeps getting bigger & bigger every year.

We left Christmas at my Grandparents & came back home.

This Christmas has been so busy, running here & there. We are happy to have no plans for Sunday but to rest & recuperate from the past week. God has blessed us this year & we have so much to be thankful for. I hope you all remembered the reason for the season.

More Christmas pictures to come soon.

Christmas Eve

This is the cute little face we woke up to on Christmas Eve. She is by far the best gift we have received!

We all got ready & loaded up our sleigh to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday with Tommy’s family at the lake. We arrived about lunch time & enjoyed our time with the family. Here are a few pictures. We tried to get some of the whole family, but it is near impossible to get everyone to look at the camera together.

Josh, Peyton, Eli, Erin, Tommy, me & Annabelle

Nana, Peyton, P-Paw, Erin, Eli, Josh, Me, Annabelle & Tommy

Now we add Janet, David & Chris (Tommy’s Aunt & cousins)

The sun was in our face, that is why we all have squinty eyes, I am not sure we have ever taken a group picture like this before.

Nana’s tree before everyone got there. Once we were all there you could not walk near the tree. There were so many gifts for the grandchildren!

We had a great time with everyone on Christmas Eve at the lake, & hated to leave but we needed to get home, because Santa comes for good little boys & girls who are fast asleep in their beds.  We got home just in time for Annabelle to open one gift from us & to leave a treat for Santa.

These are all of Annabelle’s gifts that we brought home from Nana & P-Paws house

“Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!”


Tommy & I were trying to come up with traditions that our family would do during the Christmas season. Neither one of us had ever put together a gingerbread house & said to ourselves, “how hard can this be?” we bought a big kit at target

Maybe a little too much for our first try. It came with 2 separate tray to put together. We only put together one & knew that gingerbread houses are not for us. Neither one of us have the patience, & when put together it does not look like the box.

Tommy ended up putting the whole thing together while I fed Annabelle & got her ready for bed.

I don’t think this is a tradition that we will continue. We will try something new next year.

What is that Heavenly Smell?

I love to read other people’s blogs, one day I aspire to be a better blogger. I do have wonderful ideas while laying in the bed & can never remember them when I finally sit down in front of the computer. Anyway, while reading a friend of a friends blog,( www.flythroughourwindow.com ) I came a cross a recipe for “House Smell Good” & decided to give it a try.  House Smell Good does not do the name justice.  It kinda  smells like gingerbread baking in the oven but better. This is my third day in a row letting in simmer on the stove. I did tweak the recipe a little bit from the original version.

 If computers had smellavision (is this really a word?) you would think you died & went to Christmas/Gingerbread Heaven LOL!

Here is my version on the recipe:

1 apple sliced (can be any kind & overly ripe is OK)

the juice of 1 orange or a splash of orange juice from the fridge

3-4 cups of water

4 cinnamon sticks

a small handful of cloves

a dash of nutmeg

a splash of vanilla

Just let it simmer on the stove for as long as you like. I have refrigerated it & use it again for the last three days, just adding a little more water each day. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Thanks Cacy for telling me about flythroughourwindow, I love her blog, she has such great ideas!

Laundry Day

If you are like me, you dread this day….Laundry! I dont mind putting clothes in the washer or dryer. I don’t mind folding clothes either, I jsut don’t like putting them away.

These were just too cute not to share. I wish folding clothes was as fun as it looks in these pictures & that Annabelle will always like to help me do laundry. Here’s to wishful thinking.