How amazing is Easter?!

This is & has been as long as I can remember my favorite Easter Sunday hymn, It really speaks to me.


My favorite verse:

But the pains which He endured, Alleluia!

Our Salvation have procured; Alleluia!

Now above the sky He’s king, Alleluia!

Where the angels ever sing. Alleluia!

Do you know what He has done for you? I can not imagine the pains in which he indured for me!

On Saturday, we drove to Augusta & our Easter weekend started with a 1st Birthday party for my couisn’s little girl Camilla. After the Party we left for an Easter Egg Hunt (Annabelle’s first).

                                                                                                Annabelle & the first egg she found.

                                                                                                         All the kids at the egg hunt.

Sunday morning we woke up & went to early church with my family. I always really enjoy Pastor Matt’s sermons, & this one did not dissappoint me.

We ate lunch with Tommy’s family & had another egg hunt & drove home. It was a very busy weekend, but a very fun one.

We wish you a very Hoppy Easter!


Busy Weekend

If I had said it once, I have said it a thousand times. There are no slow weekends when we go back to Augusta. They are jam-packed with almost every minute planned.

So this weekend we had 2 baby showers to help Leah get ready for Baby Ridge!

Cookies from Two Smart Cookies in Savannah. It is an amazing place, I will be back!

I tried & succeeded making a Diaper Cake, & if I do say so my self, it turned out super cute!

A very animated Annabelle with her Aunt LeLe

Annabelle trying out Baby Ridge’s car seat. It is a kinda long complicated story, but none the less, one I will never forget!

In between celebrating the soon to be arrival of sweet Baby Ridge, we had a fish fry & exchanged Easter gifts with Tommy’s Family (just in case we do not make it back for Easter Sunday)

Our gift to Peyton & Eli was a bubble generator. As you can tell Peyton loved it & Eli, not so sure.

We are all absolutely exhausted & recuperating from our Busy weekend, with lots of exciting things coming up in our near future!

Last Weekend

 Last weekend we got to spend the weekend with this wonderful family, & help them celebrate their 7 year wedding anniversary! We shopped, ate & ate some more and stayed up way past our bed time. I was well worth it & I do think it is safe to say that we all enjoyed the weekend “here at Annabelle’s house

(This picture was taken in front of the place they were married)

Congrats Berry Family on 7 years of wedded bliss!

Just had to share this one too.

While we were on HHI shopping & taking pictures were the Berry’s got married, we also went to the beach for a photo opt with Annabelle for her upcoming birthday invitations. We got some really good ones! 🙂

This is not the one on her invite, but by far is it our favorite picture of our little beach bum!

A Broken Promise

I had really good intentions of being a much better blogger in March. It did not happen as planned. We got busy & I did not make/take the time to blog. So this will probably be the most random/catch up blog ever 🙂 Mostly with pictures.

Annabelle is trying more & more table food, & really seems to enjoy it. We had what I call spaghetti casserole. (Just random noodles with meat, sauce & cheese & then baked in the oven until ooey & gooey.) Yum. It makes me hungry just typing it. Anyways that night I made it with the curly vegetable noodle (the red, green, & white noodles) I think she would have eaten it until she got sick.

Notice how she sits in her high chair. She is not happy unless both legs are hanging out of the same hole. She is a little stinker!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I wish Annabelle would have been looking at the camera. She does not always cooperate.

Tommy & I went to the Bahamas for long weekend getaway with our neighbors & the 3 crazy teenagers. We all had a great time & the kids are ready to go back again.

Hank & Nicole

3 crazy teenager, David, Jessica & Brett.

My mom kept Annabelle & while we were gone she order her Birthday present. Can you believe that her birthday will be here so soon? I can not believe that it has been a year?! Time sure does fly.

Anyways, when we walked in the door from our trip, we were greated by a huge little tykes box.

Annabelle’s early birthday present. Granma & Grandpa HoHo, wanted us to put it together then & start playing with it. (we will just put a big bow on it at her party) She is enjoying her jungle gym so much & can now slide down all by her self.

We have decorated our house for Easter & love playing with the eggs. I find them everywhere.

We are slowly but surely getting use to using a sippy cup. Annabelle’s favorite are the ones with the straws.

I do have lots more the post in the next few days, but this is all for now.