30 Things

1. Learn how to make a Lemon Meringue Pie

2. Go crabbing

3. Find an excellent picnic spot (I’ve found that anywhere we picnic is a great spot!)

4. Sleep under the stars

5. Watch the sunrise & set in the same day on the beach

6. Learn to sew (my mom has given me a few lessons. I am not comfortable sewing unless she is here but with her supervision I made Annabelle a Christmas outfit)

7. Read the bible cover to cover

8. Host Thanksgiving at my house

9. Run a 5K (Savannah Shamrock Run 2013)

10. Get out of debt

11. Visit Washington D.C. for the 4th of July

12. Go deep sea fishing

13. Learn how to drive a stick shift

14. Visit the Statue of Liberty

15. Swim with dolphins

16. Learn how to clean a fish

17. Look more put together

18. Learn how to can vegetables

19. Walk through a corn maze

20. Make my MawMaw’s 6 flavor cake

21. Read 3 classic books a year (I may need some help coming up with a list)

22. Start playing my violin again

23. Go see the Grand Ole Opry

24. Learn more about my camera & how to use it

25. Make a quilt with my mom

26. Cook dinner for the Ronald McDonald House

27. Try a new recipe every month (I might even add a recipe tab)

28. Go shrimping

29. Take Annabelle to a UGA football game (Sept 22, 2012 UGA v. Vanderbilt score 48-3)

30. Take a trip by train


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