Christmas Card Preview

We took a few pictures of Annabelle & are trying to decide which one to use in our Christmas Card

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I stole the baby in a box from a photographer friend of mine. (Such a cute idea Mandy!) Also the picture we chose was not one of these, I guess you will have to wait & get your card to see the winner!!!


Santa Came Early

My sweet, wonderful, loving husband came home this evening with a few gift bags & set them under the tree. (he told me that he saw Santa today) He rarely ever shops this early because it is hard for him to keep the gifts he buys a secret. This year was no exception. He let the gifts sit for a few hours & just could not take it anymore. He told me to open them. So I did & this is what I found:

I am super excited! Just in time for our trip to Orlando. He thought I should have it before then. I have a lot of learning to do, look for lots of pictures in our future.


We have so much to be thankful for this year. Here are some highlights form our Thanksgiving weekend in Augusta.

Annabelle with Tommy's Grandma (MaMa)

Annbelle & Eli


Peyton did not want me to take her picture today

Tommy's Parents (Nana & P-Paw) with Peyton, Eli & Annabelle

My Mom feeding Annabelle her Thanksgiving milk

Annabelle & My Grandma (MawMaw Smith)

Annabelle showing Uncle BB (my mom's baby Brother) her deer antler's

we attempted to get a family picture, both of them are pretty funny

Chewing on a coke can...the cool can feels good to my gumSitting with Quinn & Jenny yummy coke! ( BTW the can is closed & clean)


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like….

 I know, it is a little early to start but, we will be out of town for the next few weekends so we got a jump start on our decorating. We spent the whole afternoon looking for the perfect tree, & found it at Home Depot. Annabelle was making faces at the two young men who were loading the tree & I caught a few of them on camera.

Here are a few with Annabelle & the tree on top of the car. She looks so tiny compared to our tree. I will post more Christmas pictures later when we get things decorated.

Where is Annabelle?

There she is!

Sippy Cup

Our Pediatrician said that Annabelle could try a sippy cup anytime now. Here are some pictures of Annabelle’s first time trying, she did not quite know what to do & gasp for air while trying to drink from it & got mad. So back to a bottle we went. We have tried 3 different cups & have not found one we like yet. Maybe she is just not ready. We will retry sometime soon.