Valentine Craftness

Annabelle and I decided about a month ago to have a Valentine’s Day party for her, & her cousins, P & E. P & E have not been to Annabelle’s house in a long time. We decided that a Valentine’s Party might get them to come and visit. Annabelle just loves E and talks about him all the time. He celebrated his 2nd birthday this week, and that morning she woke up talking about him. Like she knew it was his birthday. So we FaceTimed Nana to wish him a very Happy 2nd Birthday! (I am very thankful for FaceTime and that my mom and mother in law both have it)

In planning for our Valentine Party I realized I only had 1 Valentine decoration.  So I looked all over the blog world and Pinterest for cheap Valentine decorations and party ideas.

I made 2 ribbon trees, a conversation heart tree and some conversation heart balls (I did not plan on making these and had left over hearts and the balls on hand and it just happened. I love how they all turned out! It brings a little Valentine cheer to our house.

I had planned on putting up a tutorial for both but I am bad a taking pictures in the process. You can find a million tutorials for the ribbon trees all over the web, just goggle it. For the conversation heart tree, I just saw a picture somewhere and got out my glue gun and started glueing.

Annabelle helped out with our cheap crafts by helping paint a canvas with heart-shaped cookie cutters. It turned out really cute!

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I took these pictures with my phone and they are kinda blurry. Sorry…I dropped my phone and shattered it last weekend, so now I am required (by my hubby) to put a case on it. I guess I need to find one that does not put a shadow on pictures.

Today I am trying to finalize our party plans and Valentine gifts for the kids. Annabelle &  I can’t wait until next Friday!