Just a few things I want to remember

I wish that I could stop the hands of time, or just slow them down a little. It is so hard to believe that my baby girl will be 2 very soon. She has a nice growing vocabulary and some very cute mannerisms. Here are a few words I would like to remember and how she says them

Adding the ch to the end of words is not something she does everyday, but every now and then she does. We know what she means.

Pane=airplane (she thinks that every time she hears one we need to go outside and look at them)
Cull=Uncle (she has been calling my brother Patrick, cull for about a month now, it is so cute)

There are so many more cute things that she says, these are just a few of my favorites.

I would also like to remember these sweet little curls. They are why I am having such a hard time with the thought of her getting a hair cut.

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Happy Friday!


Annabelle gets a new floor

Friday night while cleaning up after dinner, I heard the vacuum cleaner. No biggie, Tommy knows how much I despise the vacuum. (the sound, the smell, the whole darn contraption) My sweet hubby was helping me finish up the chores & vacuumed Annabelle’s room. Since we have lived in the house (almost 4 years) the pink room carpet has been the worse. It was supposed to be professionally cleaned before we moved in, but we are not sure if they held their promise. Friday night after Tommy finished vacuuming he went into the garage and came back with a hammer, a razor blade, and a pry bar.

Can you guess what we were doing next?!

Ripping up that old disgusting carpet!!!!

I grew up with hardwood floors, and our other houses have all had ALL hardwoods and NO carpet. So this house has been an adjustment for us with carpet in the bedrooms.

Needless to say we had a busy weekend giving Annabelle’s room a mini makeover and we are so happy with the way it turned out!

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I do know one thing. This weekend we have no renovation plans!

I have not taken any of the finished product yet—to be continued…


Since I have not blogged in a while I decided this would be a good way to let you know what I/we are doing.:

(I am borrowing this idea from a fellow blogger. Thanks, Sasha)

Currently I am:

Loving my sweet little family and all the fun adventures we have had. Oh how I love my hubby, little girl and sweet spot dog.

Reading (actually, just finished and could not put it down) The Things we do for Love by Kristin Hannah.

Waiting for the weekend. We may not have plans at the moment but with us things can change with the blink of an eye.

Excited about all the goodies/awesome deals I have bought in the last week or so for my Operation Christmas Child boxes. (I know you are probably thinking I am crazy for starting so early, but I have been buying a little here and there since December. I am going to need a bigger box soon the put it all in.)

Trying not to eat any bread, potatoes, or pasta this week. (I have hit a plateau in my weight loss and I am trying to change things up a bit) I am so glad the week is almost over.

Enjoying working out with my hubby at the YMCA in the evenings.

Snacking on honey crisp apples, they are my favorite.

Planning Annabelle’s 2nd Birthday Party

Singing Family of God it has been in my head for weeks. I guess there could be worse songs to have stuck in your head.

Needing a new pair of scissors.

Learning that brand names are not always the best choice when buying things for your kids. (Annabelle’s pricey wooden kitchen that Santa brought has had doors ripped off 3 times now. We have fixed it several times, but she must be a really rough player or it could just be junk) Wishing Santa would have gotten her a sturdy plastic one instead.

Listening to the birds chirping and the greening of the fountain in Forsythe Park on the news.

Wishing that I hadn’t used up all my gas allowance for the month. I have one more week until our budget resets and I can drive again, or just wait until Tommy gets home to go somewhere.

Doing laundry (the story of my life) and writing this here blog post.

Dreaming of months when it is warm enough to go to the beach on the weekends. I know it won’t be long. I am ready/need to feel the wind in my hair, the sand in my toes and the roar of the ocean.

Catching up on all the the blogs I follow. I have been way to busy killing/wasting time on Pinterest instead of keeping up with my blog world.

Praying for both of my brothers. Christopher is getting married at the end of the month and Patrick is leaving for Japan next Friday for a few weeks with work.


I hope to post some more over the weekend with some recent pictures. Happy Friday everyone!