Happy Birthday to the bestest friend ever!

Today is Leah’s (my bestest friend in the whole  wide world) Birthday. Ok, so that sounded like I am in middle school again.

Anyway, today is Leah’s 30th Birthday. I meet Leah when we were in 6th grade & we have been friends since then. ( About 19 years) We know the good, the bad, the ugly, & mostly the pretty about each other. We have shared so much in our friendship, learning from all of the many mistakes we have made, making our friendship stronger. I wish we lived closer & could spend more time together, I miss doing nothing with her.

A note to Leah: ( I wrote this to put in your Birthday card but never stuck it in the mail)

We may not talk every day or even every week, but I know that when I need you, you are always there. Never to judge me, always there to listen even when it is silly, petty, every day craziness, & always there with advice. I on the other hand don’t give good advice, but hope I am always the good listener. I am so glad that back in 6th grade we were put in the same home room & that we have been friends ever since. I love you, & and looking forward to being your friend for at least another 30+ years!

Love Always


Happy Birthday HoHo!

Today is my dad’s 60th birthday! We celebrated yesterday with lunch at his house. I made his cake, an icecream sandwich one that my sister in law made for the 4th of July. (The next time I make it I will post the recipe.) It is really good, especially on a hot summer day.

Don’t you just love her expressions?!

Happy Birthday to the BEST Dad I’ve ever had, well the only one I’ve ever had. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY, I LOVE YOU!

Happy Birthday America!

Here at Annabelle’s house we have had a fun filled 4th, did you?

Like all holidays we have been super busy.  We went to the lake & took our neighbors like last year. We all went up on Friday & came home on Sunday afternoon.

Annabelle does not like this life jacket. It restricts her movement too much. She did like the boat & watching David & Brett kneeboard & tube.

Annabelle & Eli waited for everyone to fix their plates & eat so we could all go back inside. It was way too hot at the boat ramp!

There are always a lot of sweet treats at Nana’s to eat. This year I made these firework cookies & some red, white & blue cakeballs (that I wish I would have take a picture of)

Monday we spent a nice relaxing day at the beach. I do a few red, white & blue change ups around our house. Do you decorate for the 4th?

We hope YOU had the best Birthday America! We had a lot of fun celebrating.