It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Are you like me & think about Christmas all year-long?! To say that it is my favorite season would be an understatement. I am so grateful for that gift that God gave us many, many years ago on Christmas. His only son, Jesus. I love the Christmas season for lots of reasons, but my favorite part of Christmas is giving. I try to put a lot of thought in to each gift that I give & I buy all year-long. So far this Christmas season the best feeling I have had, was filling those 5 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. I hope to have many more of these moments this Christmas season 🙂

For a while now I have been thinking about my Christmas Cards. (another favorite of the Christmas season) I love to receive mail that is not a bill or junk. It brings a smile to my face. I hope that when my family & friends open the Christmas card from us they smile & think of all the memories that we have shared.  I have been looking at a few different sites for Christmas cards. I keep coming back to Tiny Prints they have some of the cutest cards I have ever seen & a card in many different price ranges. The website is very user-friendly. I am still in the process of picking out my favorite card & picture from this year to use.

Growing up my parents & grandparents displayed Christmas cards in the door way to the living room so every time you walked thru all the cards were on display. When I visit now I still thumb through their cards to see who sent them. I don’t have a doorway like that in my home & I am looking for ideas on how to display the cards we receive. Any suggestions?

I will do a Christmas Card preview to help narrow down my pictures. Happy card hunting!


We are Thankful

Our family is very thankful for everything we have. Tommy & I have come up with a short list of the things we are most thankful for.

My List:

A Heavenly Father who loves & cares for me more than I deserve.

My very sweet & loving husband.  Who has always had my back no matter what.

The sweetest little girl in the whole world, Annabelle. I am so glad God choose us as your parents. I would not change a single thing about you or the journey it took to get you here.

For a roof over my head & food on the table.

For being able to be a stay at home mom.

Loving parents & in-laws who have molded Tommy & I into the people we have become.

My Grandparents each very different, but who love me for me.

My brothers

My best friend who is always there to listen, & talk & never judge. Always offering her love as if she were my sister.

Chloe our sweet spot dog always so love & being extremely sweet & gentle with Annabelle.

Friends that have become family.

Neighbors that have been come friends.

Our Military & their families protecting our right for freedom.

Being able to live in the area we live & not being too far from our parents & friends.

`My Hubby’s List:

Being able to love and worship God as I wish.

A great family that cared and raised me the way I was raised.

Surrounding myself with the group in which I did through childhood, school and college a few which have extra special roles.

Athens, Ga which allowed my first date with my wife Katie as well as many other memorable moments especially that cool fall afternoon in November when I asked for her finger and she said yes!

My Dad for raising me to be an honest working man.

My Mom for caring and loving me even when I thought no one else did.

My Grandfather for placing the Word of God in my hands as well as good advice.

My Grandmother for her love and cooking (Fried Pork Chops and Baked ham followed by vegetable soup)

Preacher Odom for baptizing me and helping me understand even more what Jesus’ love is.

My brother for the ability to understand what brotherly love is and all that came with it.

Katie’s parents for making and raising my beautiful bride and mother of my daughter Annabelle.

Brad Green and his home for allowing me to meet Katie Hoops as well as the blind date/double dates which followed.

Rev. Russell Davis for joining Katie’s hand and mine in marriage.

My wife which has shown me endless love from day one and always believing and trusting in our decisions.

Dr Blohm for helping and aiding in the conception of my little girl Annabelle.

Dr Robinson for delivering my sweet daughter Annabelle.

Annabelle which has shown me even more what love is every day.

My health which I have been pretty well with in life and no setbacks as of yet.

My family’s health which has been good so far.

Henry Ford for inventing the automobile which has many uses in transportation

Hope you enjoy Turkey Day with the ones you love. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Tiny Prints Talent Search Contest

Do you remember a while back when I had a baby shower for my best friend Leah?! 

you can see the cute monkey invite in this picture

See the cute monkey invitation in this picture?

I order her shower invitations from Tiny Prints. (It was my first time ordering from them) I was very very pleased with the invitations & the entire process. I also received so many compliments on them. Anyways, Tiny Prints is having a Talent Search Contest & you can enter to win the grand prize of $1,000 cash & a $500 Tiny Prints gift certificate.

 Here are the categories:

Cutest Baby (age 0-24 months)

Cutest Kid (age  25 months-10 years)

Cutest Family

Cutest Couple

Cutest Pet & Owner

I know we all have cute kids, families & pets. Enter today, what have you got to lose….nothing! You  could be the big winner! Wouldn’t the extra $1,000 be nice for the holidays?! The deadline to enter is November 21st. Visit their site today. Also check out the Christmas cards, the have some absolutely amazing cards. I need to get a family picture before I can decided on my card but it wont be hard to choose a card when I get ready.


Annabelle’s favorite song

My mom gave Annabelle a DVD which has a bunch of kids singing & dancing. It has become her favorite. I think she can watch it back to back to back. Her favorite song on the DVD is this one, & it is really cute.

She even tries to sing the chorus, it is so cute. She is beginning to grow up to be such a cute little girl. I hope she keep to love of music.

She said Yes!

On this day in 2003 in Athens, Georgia; in Sanford Stadium, between those glorious hedges; in our seats for the season: section 127 row 3 seats 6 & 7; while the bugle played in the South West corner, in front of a whole stadium of our closest friends & bulldawg family, Tommy asked me to marrry him.

 Oh & I said Yes!!! Six months later we were married & are living happily ever after. I love my fairytale & wish that everyone could have the relationship that we have.

Just in case you don’t recall the score of that game, Georgia beat Auburn 26-7

Last but not least GO DAWGS!!!!!!

Operation Christmas Child

This year we have filled 5 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. 3 of the boxes are for boys & the other 2 for girls. I thought that the boy boxes would be harder to fill than the girl ones, but actually the ones for the boys were easier. If you do not know what Operation Christmas Child is check it out.

We are very excited to make this a Randall Family Christmas Tradition. I am going to start early next year, buy a little along & do as many boxes as we can. In our shoe boxes we put shirts, shoes, soap, a  wash cloth, toothpaste, a toothbrush, toys, games, crayons, coloring books, school supplies & lots more. We shopped as a family & we all had a lot of fun buying the items for the kids.

We are so excited to track our boxes to see what countries they go to. I wish I could see the kids faces as they open the boxes. Annabelle has had a good time helping with the boxes too. In the box we made for a little girl age 2-4 her 2 favorite things in the box were a pair of purple mittens & a pink princess tambourine. I know that the child that gets that box is just going to love it.

If you & your family would like to get involved with Operation Christmas Child it is not too late. Collection/drop off started today November 14-November 21. Check out the website above for a drop off location near you. (it might even be your church) Get involved with this great organization. (what are you waiting for, check out the website, make your list, get in your car & go…..some little boy or little girl will have a Christmas because of you!) Just do it, I know you want to!


We have been super busy around here. No time for blogging. Hope I still have some reader out there 🙂

I can not believe that it is November already & that Annabelle is already 18 months old. Time sure flies when you are having fun!

Since my last post, my baby brother got a big boy job & moved out of my parents house & has his first apartment. I have no pictures of his new place, but I am sure we have all been in someone’s first place with a little bit of this & that. We now get to see him a couple of times a week instead of once every couple of months.

We went to the farm & took some pictures in the cotton just like last year except we did them ourselves this year.



We have also been to Holiday Farms in Ridgeland, SC to the pumpkin patch. It was so much fun to watch Annabelle with the animals at the petting zoo & deciding which pumpkin to pick. Annabelle stuck her finger in the chicken coop & a very funny looking chicken gave her a little peck.



Tommy’s cousin David got married in Key West, FL on October 24th. We were there to help them celebrate! It was a small wedding on a cruise ship. The wedding cake was the best I have ever tasted.


Now, that leaves Halloween. Annabelle dressed up as a lady bug & she was the cutest that ever was. We did not trick or treating just visiting a few neighbors & Uncle P.

Hope everyone has had a Happy Fall! Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Start thinking of what you are thankful for.