Swim Lessons

For 2 weeks, Annabelle had swim lessons at the Y- when the weather cooperated. We had some extra pool time to make up for the days that it did not. Ananbelle’s teacher was Miss Jennifer & she was great with all the kids. Tommy got in the water with her everyday (it was a parent & me class)I came and watched for 3 days, but Annabelle did much better when I was not on the side lines watching.

She learned how to hold her breath, kick her feet & jump in the water.

We are very proud that our little swimmer is a PERCH graduate at the Y. We look forward to lessons again next year as our little one loves the water.


Summer Tunes

The other day I made a boat/beach play list. (I still have a long list of songs I would like to add, I am just not ready to give itunes any more of our money) 🙂 I have a big mix of many different kinds a music-that is how I/we roll. Tommy & I have mostly the same taste in music. I was told that this was a great relaxing/floating in the boat list but I need to work on the driving/watersports list with some upbeat rock out kind of music.

Here are a few songs I can not seem to get enough of this summer.

Sorry, I went a little over board, with more than a few. If you are with us floating in the water, lying by the beach or just hanging in our backyard expect to hear these songs and more.

What are a few of your summer favorites, old & new?

Piggy Tails :)

Annabelle has a new obsession. Piggy tails as she calls them & they are super cute!

For the longest time she did not have enough hair for a pony tail or piggy tails & she is not big on bows unless SHE wants one. But a few weeks ago we tried pig tails & now she asked for them all the time & gets mad when they start to come out or she takes them out.

We have to put them right back in. We are working on the bow thing, she does like head bands & calls them princess’s.

wheew…what a busy month-May recap

I’ve sat down several times this month to blog, something always seems to come up. So I am going to make this a recap of what we have been up to.We had family pictures made. I will have to wait to show you those later. Tommy & I went to my cousin’s wedding in Athens. It was beautiful, congrats to Jamey & Meghan we wish you the very best life has to offer. We took Annabelle & my mom on their 1st cruise. A good time was had by all, we just wish that Nana would have wanted to join us too. We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake, went to baby Ridge’s first birthday, & caught up with some friends we have not seen in a while. We spent a day at the beach & helped Harper celebrate his first birthday. Got all that?! Now for a big picture dump

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also have to warn you that most of the pictures are from my phone. Annabelle has decided that she is now scared of my BIG camera. This make me sad because it takes great pictures.


I will update you with our June shenanigans when some friends email pictures of what we have done, she will smile & let other people take her picture, just not mommy.