Under Construction

We have been Under Construction most of our marriage & have done lots to the houses we have lived in. ( I wonder will we ever have the perfect house where there will be no major projects, but then what would we do on the weekends?! LOL) We are in the process of expandning our back yard. It has turned into a bigger project than we expected. When we bought this house almost 3 years ago, the previous owner placed the shed pretty much in the middle of the back yard.

The original home of our shed. After Tommy cut down a lot of trees.

Annabelle helping with the tree removal

The new home of our shed. It is amazing how much more yard we now have. There are still several tress to take down & sod to lay.

We also, well Tommy mostly built a swing set for Annabelle. She is enjoying it so much & has swung everyday since it has been put together.

We still have alot to do in our backyard to get ready for Annabelle’s birthday. I can’t wait for a new & improved back yard.


Spring has Sprung

or so I hope. The weather has been nice, & alot warmer. Annabelle & I have been outside a lot lately walking around our neighborhood. I hope the weather continues to be nice & warm. I am not ready for hot yet, but I am sure it is fast approaching. I have been busy planning. Planning a baby shower & thinking day and night about plans for Annabelle’s first birthday!

Any ways I took this picture over the weekend in my grandma’s neighborhood & it confirmed that spring is here and I wanted to share.

MawMaw said she thought it was a Tulip tree.I think it is beautiful & ask if we could have one at home, but I was told they only bloom once a year & are a mess to clean up afterwards. (I think that was a NO)

 Also when I woke up this morning there was pollen on the rocking chairs. I think that it’s a for sure sign that it’s SPRING…..YIPPEE! 

 Enjoy this warm weather!

How do you save your pictures? I have a hard time deleting them off of my memory card after I have put them on my computer, because I am scared to lose them. Any advice?