Bass Trackers, Bayliners & a Party Barge

About 3 weeks ago we added a new member to our family!

And I have not been able to ge this song out of my head.

Most of Tommy’s guy friends have been buying toys. Maybe they are all going through mid-life crisis’. A few of them bought  motorcycles, one got a new golf cart, another a car and so on and so on. At first Tommy wanted to follow suite & get a HARLEY- not very family friendly. I am so very glad that his new toy is OUR family’s new toy!

We have spent every Saturday since then on the water. We all share a love for the water & I love to watch Tommy navigate our boat on the water with out a care in the world- I think he could navigate the lake in his sleep.

Last weekend we took P & E out in the boat. A good time was had by all three cousins. It made me very happy that P opened up to me-wanting to sit with me & swim with me & talk to me. Usually she is super shy. I am so glad she is starting to open up.

And the extended swim deck is AWESOME! It makes it so easy for the kids & adults to get on & off the boat. It is so nice to sit there even if you just want to put your piggies in the water. I am so glad that the previous owners decided to add it.

I think it is pretty safe to say that we will be adding money in our gas budget & that we will have lots of fun on the water this summer!


A Perfect Mother’s Day

Just in case my hubby decides to read this blog. I will fill him in on what I think the perfect Mother’s Day for me would consist of.

8:30 worship at SUMC

A beach day with him & Annabelle

Dickey’s BBQ for lunch or dinner.


Have yall ever eaten at a Dickey’s? It is so yummy. I get the same thing every time (if it’s not broke dont fix it, right?!) the smoked turkey is AMAZING! Annabelle loves it too. Everyone we have taken there has said it was good, they have all kinds of BBQ & lots of yummy sides too. My favorite is the loaded baked potato casserole. I do wish they had hash-we can not find any one down here that makes hash, but I do not think anyone can quite make hash like Sconyer’s anyway.

Sorry if I have made you hungry for BBQ-I have been thinking about since last Friday when Tommy had it for lunch.

Tommy, if you or Annabelle read this (LOL) I do not need any gifts, just a day spent with the ones I love is more than enough for “A Perfect Mother’s Day”

If you could have a perfect Mother’s Day, how would you spend it? Do you celebrate with your mom or mother in law or just your husband & kids?


Our Baby is Two

It is so hard to believe that our baby turned 2 last Thursday. We are so very thankful that God choose us to be her parents. I can not imagine my life with out her.


I think it may be safe to say that the terrible two’s have started. Her birthday was filled with lots of “fits” for no reason. She has pitched fits before but not as many as she has since she turned two. Fits because she picked out her clothes & then decided it was not what she wanted to wear, because she has the wrong cup, or because a cracker or chip is not whole. Most of her fits happen at meal time. I am not sure if it is out of frustration or just because she wants to, but her food usually goes flying across the table.


Do your kids pitch fit, what are they over and how do you deal with them?

Annabelle’s 2nd Birthday Party in Pictures

We had Annabelle’s birthday party a few weeks before her actual birthday. We had it in Augusta so everyone did not have to spend so much money in gas to get to us. We had the party in the fellowship hall of my mom & dad’s church. It was an ICE CREAM themed party. MawMaw & PawPaw brought the ice cream machine & we had lots of topping to choose from. Annabelle’s cake turned out super cute. I am glad I used A Piece of Cake Bakery, they did such a good job.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Ice Cream themed party was a lot of fun & everyone enjoyed it. We might have to do it again! I can not believe in a few days my baby will be TWO!