HHI with the Jackson’s

if you know tommy, then you know that you can call him on a wednesday & say lets go to the beach, or the mountains, or whereever for that matter & he will find away for us to go. that is exactly  what happened for this spur of the moment trip. steven call & said lets go to the beach this weekend, & that’s what we did. we rented a condo on hilton head & really enjoyed ourselves. it had been such a long time since we have been able to spend time with steven & cheri. a great time was had by all. here are some pictures of our trip.


father’s day weekend

every weekend we come to augusta, we are extremely busy, & this one was no exception. it is a good thing we like to stay busy! saturday morning we went to kaybeth’s 3rd birthday, saturday evening spent with the randall/moxley clan to celebrate father’s day & sunday morning with my dad & sunday afternoon at my granparent’s to celebrate my cousin jeni getting married a few weeks prior. even though we were extremly busy, i think tommy had a good 1st father’s day.

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thanks mandy & cacy for the pictures you took of us at kaybeth’s birthday

daddy daughter time

every afternoon around 430, annabelle gets a little antsy, she knows that her daddy will be home soon. she loves for tommy to hold her. for the past week while i am cleaning up after dinner, tommy & annabelle have daddy daughter you tube time. i love to watch them. annabelle does not watch the videos but just listens to  them. tommy looks up childrens songs for her to listen to. tonight my favorites were the chicken dance, baby beluga, & father abraham(which tommy had not heard , until i started singing it to annabelle, it was one of my favorites from vbs) i look foward to this after dinner routine & cant wait to see what songs he picks next.