FaVoRiTe FoTo FrIdAy

I am not sure why but I think that I enjoy yesterday the best this week. Annabelle & I went to Sam’s to buy paper products for our church’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. We were surprised when we saw that Tommy was parked right next to our car & wanted to take us to lunch! Annabelle choose Chick-fila and we did not put up a fight, it is a family favorite 🙂

We had lunch, Annabelle played in the play area, and we keep a friend company while she ate lunch.  We brought lunch to a sick neighbor, Annabelle took a nap & we play outside all afternoon.

IMG_4693Chick-fila is a county away-and we saw people (2 sets on this visit) that we knew. Just a few short(5 1/2) years ago, we did not know anyone. And now we see people we know just about everywhere we go. It’s kinda of nice. We have put down roots & I am proud to call the Coastal Empire my home 🙂


Here are a few more picture from yesterday because I can not decide which one I liked best.


IMG_4704Eating an apple yesterday afternoon-skin & all! (Something that make me excited!) the glasses crack me up! They were a party favor from her cousins birthday party 2 years ago & she keeps up with them like they were an expensive pair & they are just plain funny!


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Ready or not here she comes!

This Saturday was a pretty day! Yippee! I am patiently waiting for the warmer weather…it is nice 2 days & then cold again for a few days. I have already look at next weeks forecast & it looks like it is going to be 70 & above!


Back to our Saturday-we packed a picnic lunch & headed to Charleston! We really like Charleston & it is not too far of a drive. We had our picnic in a spot we have eaten a time or too. By an old submarine near Patriots Point. IMG_4632Our reason for going to Charleston today was to get some exercise! We walked the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge. We have done it a time or 2 or 3 or 4. (I really don’t know how many) Who’s counting anyways! The see more about the bridge click HERE

Annabelle decided that today she was going to walk/run the bridge like mom & dad0-NO STROLLER! It’s a BIG bridge! We pushed the stroller just in case.

IMG_4634My big girl in her work out clothes (Thanks to our neighbors Abbey/Hailey)

IMG_4637We took a break at the very top & the bottom of the bridge.



She skinned her knee up really good racing daddy & then decided she wanted to ride in the stroller. I am very proud of my girl! I think we walked a little over 9 miles.



Favorite Foto Friday

I have done a much better job at getting out my real camera this week.  (yeah me!) The person that actually took my favorite foto this week was Tommy. They were playing Sunday afternoon in the backyard while I was making bows or cleaning house: I don’t rememeber which one it was. It was a beautiful day. We had the windows open, the birds were singing, & the bees were buzzing. AB even named a few of the bees. They have been hanging around a lot this week. The bee she talks about the most is Buzz Buzz.


How has my baby girl grown so fast?

DSC02979Because this seems like yesterday!

Happy Friday!

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Sometimes you just need a day with your Best Friend Forever! Which is what I hope these girls stay 🙂 Yesterday, Addie Grace came to play at our house. These 2 girls are just plain funny. I had so much fun watching & listening to them play!

PicMonkey CollagedancepartyOur day started with a dance party! Something AB & I do a lot of. AG fit right in. Favorite dance music: The Lorax channel on Pandora.

After the girls got tired of dancing they went off to play.

DSC_0400Dr. Addie gave Annabelle the news that her leg had to be cut off & she had to chop it off with a fence post. Where they come up with this stuff-who knows. I love the fact they can play & have great imaginations! We ate lunch & then did a painting project.

DSC_0415Then we played outside until they were both asking to come in and take a nap.


I am so very thankful for friends to share our time with.

DSC_0439Dear AG & AB,

I pray that the Lord is always present in your friendship & that where ever your life takes you, you will always make time to keep your friendship.

Favorite Foto Friday

I’ve joined a few friends in a FFF or Favorite Foto Friday. This is my 1st post! I am hoping by committing to my friends that I will do this, that it will make me sit down, take the time & blog-week after week!


So here goes. I had a plan this week to get out my real camera & use it-but rainy, cold weather=no motivation to take pictures 😦


This picture was taken with my phone last Sunday before the rain & cold set in. We have a new family hobby. Geocaching! It is so much fun! Sunday in between church, lunch, nap & church we found 6 caches. We even found one at Annabelle’s school.



Happy Friday Everyone

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Catch up part 2. June 2013-November 2013

The summer for us is always busy-but we like it! Summer is our favorite!

PicMonkey Collagejune13

July:Tommy had to be in Daytona for 2 days for the 4th of July Race for work to host the most prestigious suite (we felt real bad for him LOL). Since it is a short work week he took the rest off. We stayed at 2 really great places in Orlando & went spent a week at Disney-a 1st for us. We usually do day or weekend trips. We had a blast with dad & had 2 fun girls days!

PicMonkey Collagejulyvac13

In July I also had my gal bladder taken out 😦 My mom & grandparents came & my grandparents insisted on staying to take car of me. We took them out on the river & celebrated PawPaw’s 80th bday a few days early. They are all the best!

PicMonkey Collagejul13PicMonkey Collageaug13chalkprek3September Tommy & I went on a date in Athens! We also went to Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party. We all had a blast Annabelle we trick or treated in the park & between the 3 of us brought home lbs of candy!

PicMonkey Collagesept13

October was a busy month. We went to the Columbia Zoo with Nana & Aunt Janet. We part of our church’s float in the fair parade. Tommy & I got to spend another date day in Athens, this time with Jamey & Megan. All of the hard work & planning for Trunk or Treat was a success!

PicMonkey Collageoct13

November Annabelle & I spent most of the month sick 😦 Tommy ran his 1st 1/2 marathon. We went to watch him & had fun yelling Run Dad RUN!

PicMonkey Collagenov13