newest member of the randall family

last november tommy shot his first deer.

last weekend we finally picked him up from frog. he now has a place in our home, & is the newest member of our family. we are debating a name for him, it is either clarke or vinny….what do you think? he looks pretty handsome on the wall, much better than the first time we meet. (haha)


what’s changed?!

has there ever been a person in your life, friend or family that you really enjoyed spending time with or talking to on the phone? i am sure your answers was yes. where would we be with out friends & family?! i have a person in my life that i have been really close to in the past that i seem to be avoiding their phone calls. i am feeling really guilty about it lately, but when ever i talk to this person on the phone or spend time with them, i start second guessing our relationship, & find myself wishing i was anywhere but here. i am trying to figure out what changed in our relationship & if they feel the strain too? i pray about it everyday asking God for guidance in approaching them about my feelings & ask if they feel the wedge too? i am hoping to easy these feelings & heal this realtionship, SOON


yeah for baby food! our neighbor, hank, can’t wait for annabelle to eat baby food fruits. today hank & nicole came down to watch the georgia game with me & saw that i bought baby food bananas for annabelle, & could not wait for her to eat them. he had to feed her.

this taste so much better than rice cereal! yum yum….daddy actually tried the bananas too!


many of you know that tommy takes a lot of pride in the way he takes care of his cars. i try my best to follow in his foot steps, because i know it means a lot to him to have a nice clean, dent free, scratch free car. if you have ever ridden  with me, you know that i park in the middle of nowhere because there is less chance for someone to ding up your car. unfortunately i have a huge ding where some on pushed a grocery cart into my car when we lived in albany. i have learned to live with & over look that dent. to this day i still park in the middle of nowhere hopeing to keep my car dent free. 

kinda got side tracked, the reason for my story: the other day i parked in the back of a busy parking lot & left lots of room on both sides of me, & there were a few other sopts around me. someone i know pulled up beside me, & while waiting on them to get out of their car, i watched them open their door into mine & instead of realizing what they have done & quickly shut their door, they left it open pushing into my passanger side door, while they got everything else out of their car. i ended up shutting their door for them & to look at the damage to my car knowing how tommy would react. i know they saw me looking & do you know they did not even have the nerve to say i am sorry. i hate confrontation, so i did not say anything either, but is bothering me. why can’t people say sorry when they know they have done something wrong?!


is it really yummy? we are not sure. tommy & i are both to chicken to try it. i can’t believe that it is already time for annabelle to eat rice cereal. she is growing up so fast. here are a few pictures of her first time trying cereal.


my new bib is just as big as i am! LOL

first bite

not so good mommy….can we try something else?

4 months check up

yesterday we went to see dr. hendricks for annabelle’s 4 month check up. she now weighs 12 lbs 10 oz & is 25.5 inches long. she is in the 25th percentile for her weight & the 90th percentile for her height. she is so good when she gets her shots & only whimpered once. she has done this both times she has gotten shots. i hope this trend continues, it would break my heart if she cried when she got a shot.

sleeping baby

why is it that babies look so sweet when they sleep. just thought i would share these, they are too cute not to!