Happy Halloween


Nana came to visit

This weekend, Nana came to visit. On Friday we meet Tommy for lunch at Chick-fila and on the way back home we stopped by a pumpkin patch. Annabelle fell asleep in the car & then messed in her diaper while we were there. I wish she would have been more awake & had a clean diaper, I think we could have gotten much better smiles.  Annabelle loved the pumpkins & wanted to lick & kiss them. We really enjoyed our visit with Nana & wish she came to visit us more often.

We will definately go back to this pumpkin patch next year, it had some of the prettiest pumpkins I have ever seen!

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

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Happy Birthday PeePaw

Today is PeePaw’s Birthday….Happy Birthday PeePaw! Sorry we are not able to spend the weekend with you on your birthday, hope to see you soon.

I had planned to take some pictures of Annabelle this evening to send to PeePaw, but she decided that she is not getting up again tonight. (she went to sleep about 6:30) I was sure she was going to wake back up, but has not yet.  So these pictures will have to do.

This is what she was doing when she woke up from her nap this afternoon.(STANDING IN HER CRIB) My little girl is growing up too fast. I did not think babies started pulling up until they could crawl?!


When I was little, I asked God every night for a little sister. I was given a little brother. When I was in 6th grade God gave me a best friend, who has become my sister! (So for those of you who want to do the math, I have had the same best friend for 18+ years.) My best friend/sister; Leah, in may ways are like real sisters. We can go with out talking for a week or two, but when we do get the time to talk, I feel at home. We have not always seen eye to eye, but no matter what we always support each other in everything we do!

It is so important to me to have a relationship like ours in my life. It is like having more than one family. Leah & I are so close that I even call her momma, momma too, & her memaw, memaw, & vice a versa.

Sorry, I kinda got side tracked….

The reason for my post:

With great honor, I am happy to announce that I am going to be an aunt again! (yippee, woot woot, horray, wooohooo, yahoooooo, yay…..and everyother word that can explain happiness & jumping up & down!!!!!) Leah & Pete are expecting & I am so excited that I want to tell everyone!

congrats Story family, we love you!!!!


How come we always let our nerves get the best of us?! About a month ago, my doctor referred me to the Georgia Skin & Cancer Clinic to have some moles checked out. I had three moles that were shaved & sent for a biospy. The doctor was pretty sure that they were all harmless. My test results came back & thankfully none are cancerous; but I have 1  bad mole that has to be completely removed. Now I may sound like a baby in saying this, but I am a little nervous about having that mole removed.

I should not feel much, the doctor said they will numb the area around the mole, & I am having a plastic surgeon cut it out, so that I will have little to no scaring.  I am usually not a nervous person, but this tiny procedure seems to have gotten the best of me.