Storm Chasers

Yesterday afternoon, we were storm chasers, chasing after hurricane Irene.

We drove out to Tybee to see the effects of the storm off the coast. The bottom dropped as soon as we pulled in a parking space. We waited a few minutes for the rain to slow down, and then started to walk towards the pier. As we were walking towards the pier the wind started picking up & rain started falling again. We ran under the pier so we could get a good look at the storm. Here are some pictures that we took.


I love this picture. If you look carefully you can see that it is raining sideways.

Just a random guy waiting for the surfing conditions to get just right.

We are so thankful that hurricane Irene did not hit Savannah & that we did not have to evacuate. We did enjoy going to watch the storm roll past Tybee & pray that where hurricane Irene is headed that she play nice & leave all the beaches & coastal areas as she found them.

Have a great weekend.


30 things to do in my 30’s

Tuesday I turned the big 3-0.  At the moment I do not feel any older.

For about a month I have been making a list of the things I would like to do in my 30’s.  I am going to share it & my progress.

1. Learn how to make a Lemon Meringue Pie

2. Go crabbing

3. Find an excellent picnic spot

4. Sleep under the stars

5. Watch the sunrise & set in the same day on the beach

6. Learn to sew

7. Read the bible cover to cover

8. Host Thanksgiving at my house

9. Run a 5K

10. Get out of debt

11. Visit Washington D.C. for the 4th of July

12. Go deep sea fishing

13. Learn how to drive a stick shift

14. Visit the Statue of Liberty

15. Swim with dolphins

16. Learn how to clean a fish

17. Look more put together

18. Learn how to can vegetables

19. Walk through a corn maze

20. Make my MawMaw’s 7 flavor cake

21. Read 3 classic books a year (I may need some help coming up with a list)

22. Start playing my violin again

23. Go see the Grand Ole Opry

24. Learn more about my camera & how to use it

25. Make a quilt with my mom

26. Cook dinner for the Ronald McDonald House

27. Try a new recipe every month (I might even add a recipe tab)

28. Go shrimping

29. Take Annabelle to a UGA football game

30. Take a trip by train

My 30 things are listed in no particular order.

 I wonder how soon it will be before I complete one task on my list?

If you have any suggestions on classic books to read, or recipies to try please let me know.

Here’s to a very memorable, exciting new decade

Stormy Weather

We love rain! Our whole family. Well, Tommy, Annabelle, & I do but Chloe does not like it & this is why. Monday afternoon “it come up a bad cloud” and I am talking a really bad cloud. It was pouring buckets. We did not mind the rain, our grass, garden & check book sure does enjoy a really good rain. There was thunder & lightning, and wind. I have never seen wind quite like this what few tree we have left were spinning like tops, we could see trees falling back in the woods. We talked about going to hide in the bathroom or a closet, but we were just mesmerized by the storm. We watched a tree fall through our neighbors shed & we did not realize that the storm we watched out the back window was actually a microburst. After dinner we ventured out front & saw the damage. I was completely shocked. WTOC even sent the storm chaser to our neighborhood to report on the damage









I think there were 5 or more houses that trees went through the roofs. I am so thankful that we did not have anything that we could not clean up ourselves. Our neighborhood has been busy with insurance agents, & repair man trying to fix all that is damaged.


Tonight we had another storm. (nothing like earlier in the week. Tommy & Annabelle enjoyed watching the rain & listening to the thunder. Annabelle enjoyed talking to the rain.




I am sure the thought has crossed your mind that today I was going to blog about some one else’s birthday. “Not so fast my friends.” I have not really been in the blogging mood lately & we have not had a lot going on. My baby girl however is not so much of a baby anymore. She is now 15 months old & walking around (only when she wants to)

We have been trying to keep cool, & find things to do. Last weekend we drove to Charleston on Friday night, then back home, &  on Saturday we drove to Orlando & back. You might say we have “Rambling Fever”

Note: I was going to insert Merle Haggard’s Ramblin’ Fever video from you tube, but we have a different kind of fever.

This weekend we went to SSI for an early birthday lunch for myself at Barbara Jeans. (oh how I love their crab cakes) Nana & P-Paw came to play with Annabelle so that we could have a date day. Yesterday we tried the whole we need to stay at home & off the road, & guess what, around 230 we ended up at the beach. Who would have thunk it?!

Anyways, I am thinking that we need some kind of family project. Is it normal to always be on the road, & always looking for something to do?!
I don’t know any other family that does.

I have also been a little thrown back by other people’s lack of urgency. (some people have had a few months with reminders, some around a week & some just today) I am just in a very impatient mood. I am a planner & like to know things, & have gotten a little use to instant gratification, I blame the internet. Anyways. I am waiting to hear from several people in my life. I have some unanswered questions that I am ready to know the answers to because I am ready to put a plan in action.


Unfortunately my next post will be about a birthday, mine. I am getting older, & have a fun idea for my next decade. Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Until next time 🙂