4th of july weekend

it has been a very long time since we have spent the 4th of july at the lake. this year we spent the 4th at the lake with our neighbors & had a great time. annabelle went on her very first boat ride & slept the whole time. there were a lot of water activities that took place & cards games played until the wee hours of the morning. david & jessica both learned how to kneeboard & i think they are hooked!

 i learned that the word BEAST means sexy & what swag was & that i may not have a lot but i do have a little (thanks to the greatest teenagers i know) we might have even suprised david with the music on our ipods.  we look foward to spending more weekends with our neighbors at the lake.

my camera died so i did not get any pictures of annabelle’s first 4th of july bbq at the boat ramp. but erin took a picture of peyton, eli & annabelle (these are pictures from her camera) thanks erin!

peyton, eli & annabelle on the 4th of july


eli & annabelle napping under the umbrella on pepaw's beach




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