as a proud parent to the most precious week and a half old baby girl, i am having trouble falling asleep tonight (i did not think that this was possible with a newborn at home) as i write, tommy is asleep on one side of me, chloe our 8 year old spot dog is asleep at my feet & my perfect sweet baby annabelle is beside me in her pack and play sound asleep. i was given lots of advice at my showers & from just about everyone i meet…SLEEP WHEN THEY SLEEP…i have not had any trouble until tonight, how come it is so hard tonight?!  i wonder is it because for the first time since before i found out i was pregnant that i drank a diet coke? (by the way it still taste funny) i dont really think so because because i did drink caffine while i was pregnant, i just drank very little. i just cant seem to shut my mind off…what in the world could an extremely tired new mom be thinking about at 1230 am? the fact that i have 5 or 6 thank you notes to write & mail, the 2 0r 3 laundry that need to be done, the phone calls i have not returned yet, i wonder when they will still come in get the stork (i would love another family picture with it, the first ones did not turn out as good as i would have liked) which of the 5 birth announcements than i created will be the one we order & mail out ( they are all so stinking cute!) hoping that the trash wont stink in the morning ( i forgot to ask tommy to take it out) SERIOUSLY KATIE STOP THINKING AND GO TO SLEEP, NONE OF THIS IS IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO LOSE SLEEP…will tha lactation consultants at the hospital be able to help us since i suddenly stopped producing milk? i wish i would have made a list of pictures to take at the hospital there are some the baby book ask for that we dont have, which is so hard to imagine since we took almost a thousand…why did we not take any pictures on my first mothers day? is it because annabelle & i stayed in our pj’s & slept most of the day, it still would have made a cute picture… how come most of her newborn clothes are too big, she was not that small of a baby…i will leave this post with all my random thought of the night & try to get some sleep, i am sure feeding time will come before i know it…by the way is a pacifier better than a thumb?


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